Nana Kwame Ankumah professionally known as Niashun, is a Ghanaian Afrobeats musician, whose music is a true representation of the vibrant sounds of Africa. 

Niashun is the ultimate music experience, get ready to be mesmerised by the soulful melodies and powerful vocals of Niashun.

"As a musician, my passion lies in bringing joy and energy to my listeners,take a listen to my music and let the rhythm transport you to the heart of Africa". - Niashun


  • Niashun nominated for 7th GMAUK uncovered artiste of the year. (2023)
  • Niashun nominated for 24th VGMA unsung artiste of the year. (2023)
  • Niashun made his debut European Tour alongside Wiyaala. (April, 2023)

  •  Niashun's debut single 'OK' featured on Apple Ghana Music Top 100. (2022)

Latest Release

"While the music in ‘Spark Op’ undeniably enchants, it’s the lyrics that truly distinguish this track. I have consistently been recognized for conveying messages of positivity and self-empowerment through his music, and ‘Spark Op’ is no exception" - Niashun


An unforgettable night of pure African rhythm and soul as Ghana's Afrobeats sensation Niashun, joins forces with Swiss music icon Dodo and Africa's Lioness Wiyaala, in a captivating performance at Laax, Switzerland. A true representation of the powered beauty of African music on the global stage.

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